Chameleon Smart Home

Chameleon is standalone, open architecture smart home system, which eliminates the need for manufacturer-specific and protocol dependent devices. No programming skills required.

Why future proof?

Chameleon users do not need to know the best system in 5 years today. Using our future proof system they can switch between different supported systems or combine them any time without any major modifications on the electrical wiring of the house.

Chameleon works fine with

Number of supported systems is increasing from year to year.
Today Chameleon can support 6 different Smart Home Systems to give the users the choice to use or combine whichever they would like to use

Control Chameleon by

There are different ways to control your smart home system. You can use whichever you like

Why Chameleon?

We will arrive soon...

Péter Szarvas, CEO

I have 20 years of experience in company building, this is my 4th startup. I believe as the phones have moved into our pockets, so the homes will de the same. I’ve founded this company 5 years ago, because I would like to make smart homes accessible for everyone without any worries of being able to use the latest technology in 10 years without any compromises.

Gergő Bognár, CMO

I have 14 years of experience in the field of B2B sales and marketing. I believe that digital is the future therefore I joined Chameleon 1 year ago. Having a strong innovative and open-minded thinking drives me to leverage non-traditional methodologies beyond the traditional one.

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